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For more than 20 years, Diversified Management Services has been committed to providing the best service for its clients. Our team is constructed to listen and adapt, staying true to your goals.

Committed to Your Needs

Staying True For You

Diversified Management Services was built with one purpose—to help professional associations be their best selves. Over the years, DMS has built a staff of responsive association management professionals dedicated to the efficient operation of our clients’ organizations. Our staff includes specialists in board engagement, management, administration, finance, membership, marketing, legislative advocacy, event planning and computer technology.

We are committed to an empowering, participatory management philosophy and our employees are our greatest strength.

The Secret of Our Success

Getting to Know You

We know that every association is unique and has individual needs. Our process allows our team members to discover those unique qualities and find solutions tailored specifically to fit those needs. Members care about their association, and it is essential that we meet them at that level of dedication. We don’t take over associations, and we don’t insist on policies that are counter to the association’s culture. We work to get to know the associations and then we partner to make them better.

Partnering Together

Working With You

The process begins with establishing a team to meet the specific requirements of an organization. Our association management team members plan and execute the organization’s programs under the direction of the account executive, who will serve as your organization’s staff officer. Our typical full-service team includes the account executive, administrative support, meeting planning, finance, and computer personnel and clients can choose which individual DMS services they want depending on their needs. We become a part of a team, a team that stays true to the organization’s goals and vision.

Certified for Service

Association Management Accreditation

At Diversified Management Services, it’s important to us that our expertise can be checked and proven. To stay true to our associations, we need to stay true to the highest standards of the industry. We’re building trust. This is how.


DMS is fully AMC Institute Accredited. AMC Institute Accreditation puts Diversified Management Services amongst an elite group of AMC professionals that are the preferred choice for management of associations, professional societies and not-for-profits around the world. By completing the AMC Institute Accreditation, we have proven through an independent audit that we operate with the highest level of professionalism and responsibility, and consistently meet or exceed all industry requirements. This process standardizes how we do business, and ensures that we are efficient and deliver the best service possible.

To meet the standards required for accreditation, a management company must meet quality control standards in the following areas:
  • Client Contracts
  • Servicing Clients
  • Service Evaluation
  • Financial Controls
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Evaluation and Training
  • Subcontracting Requirements
  • Record Keeping Requirements
In addition, a CPA firm familiar with associations and professional societies must review and verify that the management company in question has complied with all requirements.

We could not have been more pleased at the way DMS took ownership of their assignments and took on an attitude of professional teamwork. They made our staff feel that they were fully invested in the outcome of our events and eventually earned a spot as family members within our organization.

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