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One of the most essential elements of a good association is the health of its board. Diversified Management Services can help you groom a board that does what it’s supposed to—lead you to new heights while staying true to your mission.

Getting the Most Out of Your Board

Identifying Board Talent

Too often, associations put together a top-notch board based on names and connections, but don’t take advantage of what board members can bring to an organization. You have a board full of heavy hitters, that’s great. Now it’s time to make sure they are used to their fullest potential. That means having a successful board strategy.

Diversified Management Services first gets to know your board and its current practices, then we identify places of organizational health and places of potential concern. Without a total audit of your current board’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s impossible to make a strategy for success. That’s where DMS can help.

Plan for the Future

Identifying Board Needs

Governance and strategic planning are keys to guide your association into the future. DMS can help your board develop goals and stay focused on them going forward.

With Diversified Management Services, your association can create a comprehensive board plan on how to shape your organization. From recommendations on the type of members to target, to assistance in structure, member engagement and non-dues revenue, DMS can build a plan that’s geared for the future but rooted in the present.

Simple Organization

Putting it All Together

Diversified Management Services will be your partner in all things board meetings, from preparing and distributing packets, agendas and minutes, to providing staff support for additional committee or executive meetings. We like to get all the details, it’s how we stay true to your overall goals. We partner with you to make your board a true leader.

Case Study

A New Pipeline

When legislation changed their industry, the Iowa Chapter of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association looked to Diversified Management Services to help them adapt.


ILA was, from the very beginning, given excellent information on what DMS could do for the Association, and they have delivered on that since we hired them to manage ILA. During the search process for management firms, we visited with numerous DMS client associations, and they all spoke highly of DMS and its very capable and professional staff members. That is why ILA chose DMS. During the first months DMS managed ILA, the DMS staff did a complete review of how ILA did business and offered ways to improve the Association, which ILA incorporated. We learned so much from DMS staff, and it is very hard to imagine how ILA ever managed with one employee and part time individuals assisting.

Dale Vande Haar
Past President
Iowa Library Association
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