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Money makes the world go round. And if your association is part of this world, you have to make sure your financial situation is in order. Fiduciary management is a specialized and complicated skill. If the leadership of your organization doesn’t have it, it’s time to work with DMS.


The Fine Print

Being Prepared for Success

The key to financial success is attention to detail. What’s coming in? How much is going out? Who owes what? These are questions that every association needs to have completely mastered, and DMS can help. We’ll prepare, distribute and even collect dues. We can prepare monthly financial statements and expense budgets. We work with a mutually agreed-upon accounting firm to develop and complete income tax returns or an annual audit.

We also are experts in the specialized world of non-profit financial statements. Non-profits have different regulations and rules regarding financial management, and Diversified Management Services can make sure you’re doing everything right while avoiding costly or disastrous mistakes.

We work with you to create customized, meaningful financials that ensure that every board member or relevant party will be able to understand them. We’re committed to the finest details of your organization’s ledgers so nothing gets missed. It’s also how we get to know your association to help you plan for the future.

The Color of Staying True

The Smart Money

Diversified Management Services specializes in building budgets that are responsible, flexible and perfectly customized to your organization’s needs. We have spent years developing key banking and credit card relationships that are at your service to find your best financial solution. When you work with DMS, you’re working with a group that understands your needs and has experience fulfilling them. Working with an association’s leadership team, DMS can develop a budget that helps you get where you want to go.

Case Study

A New Pipeline

When legislation changed their industry, the Iowa Chapter of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association looked to Diversified Management Services to help them adapt.


Diversified Management Services (DMS) has been a great asset to the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service (AFAUSSS). It has become very evident to our membership and especially our Board of Directors, that without the expertise of DMS we would not be able to achieve our potential, fulfill our obligations, and pursue the goals we have established as a social and charitable organization.

Ike Hendershot
Past President
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