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One of the most important services Diversified Management Services can help with is membership. We knows that membership is a full-time commitment—that’s why we want to help 100% of the time.

Calling All Members

New Energy, New Members

If your organization is struggling to grow, you might need a new membership strategy. Diversified Management Services will work closely with you to refine and perfect your recruitment process and will help put together new member mailers and packets. Are you reaching people the way they want to be reached? Are there potential members you aren’t reaching? These are the questions we are designed to answer. Let’s make those numbers increase.

But Keep the Old Ones

Retain, Retain, Retain

Finding new members is how you plan for your association’s future, but you can’t forget about the members who already make you who you are. To stay true to them, Diversified Management Services can maintain your membership database, providing storage for all records and supplies so that nobody slips through the cracks. We generate membership reports so you can be up-to-date on the health of your organization. With DMS, you can make new friends and keep the old ones, all while staying true to what makes your organization great

Case Study

By the Book

The Iowa Library Association was facing a leadership transition and needed a partner to optimize their structure when they turned to DMS.


It has become very evident to our membership and especially our Board of Directors, that without the expertise of DMS we would not be able to achieve our potential, fulfill our obligations, and pursue the goals we have established as a social and charitable organization.

Ike Hendershot
Past President
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Whether you know what you want or would like to hear more about what Diversified Management Services can offer, it all begins the same way—with a simple act of reaching out. Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be sure to respond.


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