A Rich Legacy of Service

Diversified Management Services has helped organizations for more than 25 years, and still serves one of its’ first clients today. Our team of association professionals, demonstrated expertise, and ability to adapt is how we’ve been able to successfully manage so many different types of associations.

Management with deep roots

Staying True Through the Years

DMS can trace its roots to the 1890s and the founding of its parent organization, the Iowa Savings and Loan League. The company transformed from a stand-alone organization focusing specifically on savings and loan businesses to a diverse association management company with clients in all industries, becoming Diversified Management Services in 1989.

As the company and the market has changed, DMS has stayed true to its compassionate professionalism and its commitment to high levels of service to our clients. We are proud to partner with more than 20 state and national clients. For more than 100 years, whether we’ve been sending help by email or by pony, we’ve been committed to staying true to our mission–which is to allow you to stay true to yours.

Partnering Together

Working With You

The process begins with establishing a team to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our association management team members plan and execute your organization’s programs under the direction of the account executive, who will serve as your organization’s chief staff officer. Our typical full-service team includes the account executive, administrative support, meeting planning, finance, and technology staff. Clients can work with DMS to choose which individual services they need depending on their short and long-term goals. We become a part of a team—a team that stays true to your organization’s goals and vision.

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Whether you know what you want or would like to hear more about what Diversified Management Services can offer, it all begins the same way—with a simple act of reaching out. Please feel free to use our contact form with any questions and we’ll be sure to respond.

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