Associate Director of Communication and Education

Laurel Rudd

Laurel assists the Security Associations Division at DMS, a position she took over in 2019 after serving more than 16 years as executive director of an international professional association focused on private security regulation. A North Dakota native, Laurel graduated from the University of Minnesota and enjoyed a first career as a newspaper reporter and editor. After a year-long detour teaching English in South Korea, she and her husband settled in Waterloo, Iowa, where they built a home and raised their son. They stay active with various volunteer commitments, attempts at gardening, and their latest endeavor as novice competitors with the Waterloo Rowing Club.



• Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service (AFAUSSS)
• Foundation of the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service
• Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Association (ATFA)
• International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (IASIR)


Fargo, ND


I always appreciate the people who will engage in an association for the betterment of their industry, profession or community. It’s a satisfying undertaking to support these leaders and help find ways to achieve their goals. I find it truly energizing to be part of a team working for “the good of the order.”