Case Study

Top Prize

The World Food Prize is the global hub for agricultural dignitaries, scientists and politicians. That requires a lot of logistical coordination and DMS was willing to help.

Tricky Logistics

A Real Plateful

The World Food Prize is the foremost international award recognizing the achievements of individuals dedicated to improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world. Since 1986, this award has become a globally recognized honor for the top agriculture and food science pioneers.

Every year, when the organization awards its top prize, Des Moines becomes the central hub for every revolutionary in the world of food. Dignitaries, top scientists and politicians from around the world attend the organization’s award ceremonies and dinners. All those important people, who speak dozens of different languages and whose familiarity with the area is varied, require a great deal of logistical coordination to make sure they are where they need to be.

Therefore, to help in their annual award ceremony and to make arrangements for all of their guests, the World Food Prize was in need of volunteers and the help to train and coordinate them. Every year, the organization’s ceremony got bigger and bigger and their capacity to coordinate volunteers remained the same. They needed association management. They needed DMS.

The MVP of VIPs

Helping the Helpers

“The World Food Prize award ceremony is a very big deal for Des Moines and for the world, and it’s important that it goes off without a hitch. But as a non-profit, the World Food Prize Foundation relies on volunteers to make things run smoothly. When we first started our relationship, the focus was almost exclusively on placing quality volunteers in the time slots assigned.”

-Kate Banasiak

The World Food Prize began its partnership with Diversified Management Services purely as a volunteer placer. DMS was able to find quality drivers to take the distinguished guests to and from their various accommodations, to find volunteers for the various needs of the award ceremony and to train and coordinate them all so that they worked together.

As the organization’s needs grew, so did its relationship with DMS, which effectively recognized areas where the organization could best manage their yearly successful growth.

The Seeds of Partnership

Growing Together

Since the relationship between DMS and the World Food Prize began, DMS has firmly become a key part of their volunteer process.

“We wanted to make sure we could find every way to make them better. It’s very satisfying that we’ve become a trusted resource for them when we map out logistics.”

-Kate Banasiak

As the World Food Prize’s needs have expanded, DMS has been able to grow the volunteer program from 70 people for 350 volunteer hours to 300 people for 1,500 hours. DMS has been essential in the event planning stage, consulting with staff to create event timelines, overall logistics and mapping systems that are easy to understand and create better event flow. DMS has created a volunteer contact database with more than 900 names of people that have participated in World Food Prize events and created volunteer job descriptions for easier recruitment for upcoming events.

The World Food Prize does amazing work honoring the brightest minds in food production and it’s important that their signature events reflect that good work. DMS has helped them handle their success and stay true to their founding principles.

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